Buy Yams

We are your one-stop wholesale partner for Afro-Caribbean grocery products, spices and drinks. We have the widest selection of your favourite Afro-Caribbean groceries, products such as spices, drinks and other products from Ghana, Jamaica, Nigeria and other Afro-Caribbean countries.

You can buy yam including our other products: Plantain, Gari, Soft & Canned Drinks, Beers, Spirits, Wines & Roots, Spices & Herbs and Cereals. We also stock Beverages, Canned Products, Cubes & Stock, Dried Fish, Sauces, Biscuits, Beans, Flour, Oils, Fish, Corned Beef, and many other Afro-Caribbean groceries.

We also stock non-food items such as Natural Skincare products (shea butter, creams, etc), Carbolic Soap, Natural Health Drinks, Bitters, Balms, Rubbing Alcohol and other non-food products. For all enquiries, please call 0208 640 6617, visit any of our stores or send us a message.