About us

One-stop, great value

For over 20 years, Emmanuel’s have specialised in delivering great value Afro-Caribbean products in the U.K. From popular brands to seasonal produce and household names, we have affirmed our position as the one-stop for all your favourites from Ghana, Jamaica, Nigeria and other Afro-Caribbean countries.


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Your trusted choice

Over the years we have grown from being a small grocery shop in South London, to one of the UK’s trusted Afro-Caribbean food, non-food and drink specialists. Our two retail and one wholesale outlets stock a wide selection of Afro-Caribbean products from Spices & Herbs, Canned Produce, Imported Drinks, Yam and Gari to Pre-packed Food, Beverages, Dried Fish, Sauces, everyday vegetables and produce from your favourite brands like Tropical Sun, Tropiway, Grace and more.

Varied product range

Our product range has been increased to incorporate non-food items, and other products that appeal to the cosmopolitan community in the UK. We have also included International Money Transfer, Hair & Beauty services and a Butchers shop into our services range. We also wholesale Shea Butter, Gari, Yams and other produce from Ghana.

At Emmanuels’ we combine the convenience of a supermarket, with the expertise and service of a specialist Afro-Caribbean shop, giving our customers good value for money, everytime.

Our commitment

Our customers, those who grow, make and pack our products are like family to us. We act today to protect tomorrow by taking every opportunity to ensure our work supports the communities we engage with. We also source our products responsibly and work continually to reduce our impact on the environment.

In the UK, we work with the Ghanaian Parents Association (GPA) charity to deliver programmes and schemes for parents, with the focus on education and childrens’ personal development in our UK communities. Find out more about our community work here.