Shea Butter

We import Shea Butter in bulk from the northern region of Ghana. Packed with nutrients, Shea butter is incredible skin food and a natural body moisturiser, pure enough to soften and re-hydrate skin of all ages. It is great for impoverished, sensitive skin, and has excellent feedback on dry skin. Shea butter is also reputed for feeding the skin with all the needed nutrients.

Using techniques that have been used in Ghana for thousands of years, our smooth and natural Shea Butter is produced by a co-operative group of women in Tamale, Northern Ghana. It is then specially packaged, inspected and approved to make sure all quality requirements are met.

The Shea Butter is stored in the required conditions on arrival, and can be delivered within 3 to 4 business days to any address in the U.K. We always ensure a reliable and consistent volume of Shea Butter for our customers that are looking for a strong supplier. To order a sample, purchase in bulk or for all enquiries, please call 0208 640 6617, visit any of our stores or send us a message.

Our fairtrade policy

At Emmanuel’s we believe in trading ethically and responsibly. The Shea Butter we import is a valuable source of income for the co-operatives in Ghana, and a fair price ensures that they can provide better amenities for their communities. By trading ethically, we ensure a fairer, sustainable future for the farmers.