Working together

At Emmanuels Foundation, our purpose is to provide help to the needy, shelter and good drinking water. Working together with the communities we serve, we seek to fulfil this charitable deed through organising programmes, forums, and raising awareness of our work.

Through our work, we aim to establish programmes which address the social problems in the catchment of the organisation. We also aim to establish our foundation in Ghana to oversee the education and health needs of our children. In the UK, we aim to address crime and other social issues in our communities. To find out more including how you can volunteer or assist please send us a message here.

Supporting growth

We support the Ghanaian Parents Association charity in the UK to deliver programmes and schemes for parents, with the focus on education and children’s’ personal development in our communities.

The charity’s work is aimed at improving the lives of children in our communities across the United Kingdom. Ghanaian Parents Association provides support, information and assistance to parents, including those who are generally ‘harder to reach’ with gaps in service provision.