Home Delivery

Would you like to save money on your grocery shopping? Why not take advantage of our new and convenient grocery delivery service. With this new service, you can call us, and order quality Afro-Caribbean groceries, and have them delivered to your address at a time that suits you.

Our delivery slots are tailored to your convenience, and we ensure you don’t wait around. Our friendly drivers also carry your groceries right to your door. Calling us to order your groceries is very easy, and we have hundreds of great Afro-Caribbean grocery products to choose from.

All our fresh groceries are packed on the day of delivery, so you can be assured of the best quality hand-picked items. Our frozen foods also remain frozen throughout the delivery process, ensuring you receive your groceries in the same condition as if you picked them from the shelf.

Take the hassle out of your grocery shopping. Call us today on 0736 599 2832 or 020 8640 4222 to order the best quality Afro-Caribbean groceries directly to your door.

You can also send us a message on our contact page.